Why choose Remoticom?

 Remoticom has sustainable solutions for Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Traffic Smart Energy and Smart Sensors. Thanks to the products and services from Remoticom sustainable and smart cities can be created. Remoticom offers high-quality products, advice and support in the field of Smart City solutions, in which system integration for all areas of safety and sustainability in the residential environment. For this has Remoticom advanced technical solutions for Smart City in various segments. Remoticom aspires to provide products and services at an excellent price and quality.

Excellent Services


We will give you the best advice about the Smart City solutions. In cooperation, we look at all solutions to help you as best as possible.


In the webportal can you see and manage your own products. The webportal can also be used for data and services. For more information, you can email to info@remoticom.com.


The products are frequently checked and maintained by our own engineers. Maintenance can be in the form of hardware and software, so that the products are always up to date.

Remoticom App

The products get supported by the Remoticom App. Through the using of our app, products can be used more efficiently and targeted services are provided.

4 main reasons explaining
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Money saving


Great support


High quality standards


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