About us


Remoticom offers high-quality products, advice and support in the field of Smart City solutions, where system integration is central to all areas of safety and sustainability in the living environment. In order to realize this, Remoticom has advanced technical solutions for Smart City in various segments. Remoticom strives to provide products and services at an excellent price and quality. The Remoticom team is very experienced and passionated about new technology projects.


Remoticom has products on different areas that contribute to a Smart City, such as Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Traffic, Smart Energy, Smart Security, Smart Industry, Smart Sensors and Smart Events. The products use sensors and smart technology to create a safe and sustainable environment. The data that is reported by the use of sensors can be used for different purposes. The Remoticom app and webportal are supporting the efficient use of products and services.


With the sensors of Remoticom, you can collect data for different purposes. This data can be used to improve the safety and sustainability in cities. With the data, various analyzes can be performed for the development of a smart living environment.Each device has its own digital environment in the webportal. Through the webportal you’ll always have access to your own devices. Through this webportal and the use of the Remoticom app, Remoticom can provide faster and more targeted services.