Research & Development

Remoticom is a full-service design agency with an integrated approach. Whether it’s creating a prototype or the manufacture of products for mass production.

Product development is a complex process in which several phases should be conducted. With our people in the Netherlands and Asia, we have a powerful team that gives you the best opportunity to successfully develop and produce your product.

We can provide you with the entire process: from (cost)analyses to the production of your product. Collaboration between our Dutch and Asian designers, engineers and production specialists enables us to analyze the effects of the design at a very early stage. As a result ,you benefit from a product that is designed to obtain the best possible price-quality ratio and ensure a short time-to-market.

By using an integral approach to product development and design, we take into account the technique, appearance, usability, production requirements, logistical requirements, standards and legislation. Thanks to this approach and our independent position, we can reduce our customers’ investment and increase product value.

Do you only have an idea and need help to make this a concrete idea? Or do you already have an existing product and do you need continued development, innovation, product adjustments or cost savings, where a redesign is necessary? You just want to develop a prototype or you focus on mass production? For all these things, you are at the right place!

We realize the product of your wish, with the right quality, functionality and price so you can launch the product successfully on the market. In a project proposal, we define the entire process of shaping the idea, the design of the product, the actual development, testing and implementation of any adjustments, certification, drawing and manufacturing of enclosures.

We have experience in particular in the field of remote diagnostics, sensoring, security, mobility and LED. We look forward to your wishes and realize your ideas!

From idea touchable product? Then you have come to the right place!