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Smart cities are becoming more and more prominent

Smart Cities no longer only live in the fantasy of technicians. They are becoming more realistic every day and the number of smart cities is growing. Not only young or yet to build cities starting to become smart, but also excisting cities like Amsterdam benefit from it.

Huawei implemented concepts in over 200 cities, divided over 40 countries. Edwin Diender, President Government and Public Utility Sector of Huawei Enterprise, has a lot of expierence. “The impact of smart cities is huge. In Shenzen, Southern of China, the government has access to 1.3 million CCTV cameras for law enforcement alone, of which 60 thousand are high definition cameras. These cameras produce 4 million photographs per day only for law enforcement purposes. All these images can’t be checked manually, so the cloud based video services are available for this job. The 20.000 police officers will therefore receive substantial support from the cloud technology, developed by Huawei. Life in the city, which has more than 21 milion inhabitants, has improved.”

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