Get Ready for the future. 

You can contact us for the development and production of your Internet of Things solution. We offer you our expertise in developing intelligent sensors, developed by our experienced engineers. We can manage your idea through a Proof of Concept,  with a short lead time, convert to a tangible IoT-solution by means of an interim Proof of Concept. 

We use the latest techniques and serve leading international customers who work with our engineers to develop the most distinctive and innovative products. You will find passion and drive within our employees, who will work with you to find the ultimate technological solution which will prepare you for the future!

            Joost van der Velden  

    CEO Remoticom

What we can do for you.


In addition to being a developer, Remoticom is also a producer of IoT-solutions. Remoticom develops the base of customer issues and product specifications, resulting in innovative and progressive solutions.

Custom made

You wish to develop your own IoT application, for which you do not have your own capabilities and/or knowledge? This is possible in smaller quantities than usual with OEM (volume based) but with the full service within design and production.


Thanks to our years of experience, Remoticom is increasingly involved in development processes within the IoT domain of customers. As a consultant, we are asked by other market parties to convert our acquired knowledge into concrete IoT-solutions to realize the (social) objectives.


You already have a concept, but no production facility for mounting the PCB and production of plastic housings? Remoticom can fill this capacity request for you, including manufacturing the injection mold to be used.

Made Smart For You.

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