An animal-friendly and energy-saving solution.

Remoticom lights the way!

The ZMS200 is a Zhaga Motion Sensor that turns on the light only when motion is detected. This way, it saves a lot of energy and still ensures a safe environment.




One application is to illuminate a (high-speed) cycle path only when motion is detected. Here, the light follows the cyclist as a "light train" or "light bubble" as they approach the sensor.



When there are no cyclists in the dark hours, the animal-friendly (amber) light is on. This is because mammals are sensitive to blue and ultraviolet light. The moment a cyclist approaches, the lighting is adjusted to allow the cyclist to move in a bright bubble of light. The lights in front of the cyclist are switched on and will switch back to the animal-friendly light behind the cyclist. This consumes a lot less energy and allows a cyclist to move forward in his light bubble in a very safe way.

A good example of a use case is the application of the ZMS200 to the Ijpelaereweg, a cycle path situated in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Indeed, a cycle path should always be adequately lit when someone passes. But of course, there are also various times when the cycle path is deserted and no movement is detected. The ZMS200 provides an energy-efficient and animal-friendly solution, keeping energy consumption as low as possible.