Bluetooth Interface.

With the RTM · BLE · INTERFACE you provide LED drivers with Bluetooth connectivity. This makes it possible to have multiple LED drivers communicate with each other, to connect Bluetooth sensors, which creates light as required, and you can configure the LED driver with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

By allowing LED drivers to communicate with each other via Bluetooth, the intensity of wall and ceiling lighting can be adjusted before a passer-by is detected. This way you are assured of well-lit spaces and you save energy costs.

The LED drivers can be easily set with the configuration app both individually and per group.

The RTM · BLE · INTERFACE can be connected directly to the Remoticom LED drivers and is equipped with an input for connecting the various Remoticom sensors.

The DIM level and holdtime can be set via the configuration app (how long the light intensity is increased after detection and / or control).

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