Digital Twilight Sensor.

The RTM-DTS-50 is an innovative light sensor that filters the available daylight and light output of the light source from the entire lux spectrum. On the basis of this digital light measurement, of daylight, the  RTM-DTS-50 and the light level of the light source will be turned on or off. The digital lux sensor responds to changes in ambient light.

The RTM-DTS-50 can be mounted completely invisibly in the luminaire, without drilling an opening in the outside of the luminaire.

When the output is switched on, the LED is green, when it is switched off, the LED is red. Before the sensor switches to the new threshold value, the LED is orange for one minute. Then the LED turns green or red, depending on the measured LUX value. 

The switch-on / switch-off behavior of the RTM-DTS-50 can be determined by setting the existing dip switches. If the measured LUX value falls below the selected “LUX ON” value for one minute, the output is switched on. The output is switched off if the measured LUX value exceeds the value “LUX OFF” for more than one minute.

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