More and more attention is being paid to sustainability and the impact we have on the environment. Remoticom also wants to keep up with this by increasing its focus on energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions.

Businesswoman tapping on her cell phone application connected to her car in the garage of her working place.


For instance, we offer sensors that work using a simple app. This allows you to manage your luminaire's settings such as switching on and off , astronomical table or dimming profile based on date and time.

So you can turn on luminaires only when needed. In summer, it stays light longer. It is therefore logical that street lighting during this period starts on later than during winter. You can also adjust the light intensity with a dimming profile using the astronomical table.

Remoticom's ZSC010 works with our user-friendly Bluetooth app that enables all this. The result is a durable, cost-effective and easy-to-configure solution.

ZMS200 & ZLC200.

We also offer the ZMS200 sensor, a motion sensor based on PIR technology.

The ZMS200 allows building a Bluetooth mesh network with other devices from the ZMS and ZLC family, so that when the ZMS200 detects movement, the other devices follow. So you can apply a follow-me principle. An example of this is a bicycle path where the light will follow the cyclist as a "light train" or "light bubble".

Remoticom's ZLC200 is similar to the ZMS200, the only difference being that this sensor is not based on PIR technology.

The ZLC200 works on the basis of three use cases:

1. The luminaires turn on by motion detection combined with Remoticom's ZMS.

E.g. A ZMS200 is installed with a detection sensor (PIR), which detects movement and transmits it to the ZLC200 sensors. When the ZMS200 detects a movement, it sends a signal to the successive ZLC200 sensors, which automatically switch on the light for the whole path.

2. The luminaires are switched on by means of a push button.

E.g. A push button is placed next to the exit of a building. When someone leaves the building and needs the light outside, they can press the button and the light comes on. Some time after the person has left, the light goes off again, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

3. The luminaires are switched on by means of a magnetic contact.

E.g. A magnetic button is placed in the exit door of a building. When someone leaves the building and opens the door, the magnetic button emits a signal, turning on the light. Some time after the person has left, the light goes off, preventing unnecessary energy consumption.



Remoticom lights the way!

The ZMS200 is a Zhaga Motion Sensor that turns on the light only when motion is detected. This way, it saves a lot of energy and still ensures a safe environment.


Did you think nostalgic fixtures can't be smart?

With Remoticom's ZSC100E, you can easily make your nostalgic fixture smart without it being visible from the outside. This is because the sensor is placed on the inside of the fixture, so it does not interfere with the decorative look.


Remoticom illuminates sports fields!

The DALI 1.04 is an interface for remote control of DALI 1.0 LED drivers. The DALI Controller is extremely suitable for controlling illumination lighting on buildings and objects, for example. But think also of sports field or terrain lighting including shunting yards and harbours. Via an API connection, the data can be used directly in various software systems.


Thus, we illuminate your path only when necessary and provide an energy-saving solution. All this contributes to a safer and sustainable planet.