Our mission is to make people's living and working conditions safer, more efficient and more sustainable. We do this by integrating smart technologies worldwide.


Remoticom believes in a smart and efficient planet, where everything and everyone can be connected. We are happy to contribute to this with our innovative and smart products.

Core values.


Both the people and the services of Remoticom are very flexible. We are able to supply not only standard products, but also custom work. Our products can be completely adapted to the wishes and needs of each customer. 


Remoticom is all about innovation. We are therefore constantly up to date with the latest techniques and make use of the most recent technologies.


Remoticom has a personal approach to its customers. One of our employees comes into regular contact with the customer and this customer always has one permanent contact person, so we can build good relationships.


Within Remoticom, quality is of paramount importance.Whether it is a standard product or customization, we always supply high-quality products that we as a team 100% support. 


We are a pro-active organization. This means that when we have a possible problem, we will grab it with both hands and deal with it immediately.

Made Smart For You.

Managing board.