Remoticom’s BLE Dali controller is an innovative compact device (DIN 2) designed to be built into lighting poles in a DIN rail box. The device brings control from the Dali driver (Dali 2 or D4i) located at the top of the pole to the bottom of the lighting column. It allows configuration of the individual pole using an App. The device communicates over Bluetooth with the installer’s mobile device. It is a low-cost device that allows lamps to be configured cost-effectively without using cloud-based portals.

The BLE Dali controller allows setting a 5-step dimming profile. The controller determines the time of day based on an algorithm based on the power cycle. The device is an alternative to solutions based on photocell or mains switching.

The BLE Dali controller APP allows to configure the controller. The APP is an easy-to-use tool. Dimming profiles can be saved and rolled out to other lamps with a quick copy-paste.

The controller thus allows cost-efficient and easy energy cost savings. With its low cost and long lifetime, the investment in this device is immediately recouped.


Sustainable, energy and cost-saving solution

Dimming regime up to 5 steps, each level adjustable from 10-100%

DIN rail mounting

Light control via simple app for access, configuration and control

Loading and saving configuration profiles in the app

Quickly apply saved configurations to
following luminaires

Suitable for a switched-mode power supply system

Timing based on the on/off cycle of the supply network

Operates on 230v power supply

Works with all DALI drivers

Reading out D4i banks e.g. 251 (asset data), 252 (energy measurement), 253 (Diagnosis)

Compact size, 4-wire connection




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