Sound Sense Pro

When every second counts.
The Remoticom Sound Sense Pro smart city sound sensor uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to detect, classify and then alarm unwanted acoustic events such as a gunshot, scream, car accident, baby cry, explosion or glass breakage .
The Sound Sense Pro reduces the average response time of emergency services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds.


  • Analyzes the usual background noises of the environment in which it is located and adapts.
  • Detects unwanted sound events that are atypical in the environment.
  • Processes the input audio signal and extracts the audio characteristics that the classifier trains through artificial intelligence.
  • Classifies the audio event and recognizes whether it falls into one of the unwanted categories.
  • Triggers an alarm if the event is judged to be unwanted or dangerous.
  • The SSP100 reports the event to the emergency services and help is sent immediately.


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