Sodisense Personal.  

The Sodisense Personal is one of our innovative solutions, which will contribute to a smart and healthy society.  

The Sodisense Personal works on the basis of the innovative UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology and measures with an accuracy of 10 cm distance from each other where the sensor will give a message, by means of vibration, at an adjustable distance. The Sodisense Personal is available in the form of a wrist module, a keycord and a safety helmet module.  

The Sodisense Personal can be used in the following environments: construction sites, infrastructure, markets, office environments, warehouses, transhipment depots, production facilities, shops, DIY stores, schools and childcare facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, cinemas, casinos, museums, restaurants, other eateries, cafes, terraces, gyms and sports canteens. 

 Default IEEE 802.15.4a (Ultra-Wideband)
 Charging interface 4-pins (magnetic)
 Charging voltage
 5V Power consumption <1W
 Standby-time > 30 days
 LED three-coloured
 Charging blue LED
 Charging all green LED
 Low power consumption (working) red LED flashes
 Normal power green LED flashes

 Operating frequency
 3,25 GHz ~ 3,74 GHz
 3,77 GHz ~ 4,24 GHz
 6,24 GHz ~ 6,74 GHz

Physical rate
 110 Kbps
• 850 Kbps
 6,8 Mbps

Output power
 (25℃) – 41 dBm/ MHz ~ 13 dBm/ MHz

Channel frequency
 500 MHz

Antenna reinforcement
 0,5 dBi


Sleeping mode

Upload message
 Low power notification (LD)




 Size (mm) 51 x 40 x 19,6
 Weight (g) 26

 Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃

 Capacity -30℃ ~ 75℃
 Waterproof IP67
 RoHs compliance

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