As a team we used our expertise to contribute to the 1,5 meter society. We have introduced various products that can be flexibly adapted to the changes of today's society. This led to the Sodisense product range, consisting of four innovative products. 

Sodisense Personal.
A wearable system that measures accurately through UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology and vibrates when one person is too close to the other. This is the solution when the distance between people has to be guaranteed. 

Sodisense Satisfaction.
This allows entrepreneurs to ask customers whether they feel comfortable with the taken measures. 

Sodisense Smart Crowd Manager.
This is a smart access module, which entrepreneurs use when they go for maximum occupancy, but also want to assure visitors of minimal contamination. 

Sodisense Radar.
The Radar can be placed in strategic places in the public space, where making trends visible from a distance by means of a platform. 

A possible solution for everyone to work in a safe and smart way (to the future)!

Made Smart For You.