Zhaga Motion Sensor BLE. 

The Zhaga Motion Sensor is a lighting sensor for detecting passersby. The sensor is equipped with an adjustable dim level, a maximum level and the burning time. This way, when detecting a passer-by, the lighting will go to the set lighting level for the set amount of time. Changes can be made afterwards 'in the field' with the corresponding configuration app.  

The Zhaga Motion Sensor is available in three variants:

• ZMS Standalone BLE


• ZMS Bluetooth Mesh network 

When a passer-by is detected, the Standalone version will control the lighting to the set maximum level, for the duration of time that has been set. The Bluetooth Mesh version, functions within a set group. Which means that fixtures within this group are also controlled as soon as a passer-by is detected. In this way lighting columns can communicate with each other and there is always light for the approaching passer-by. An additional advantage is that this intelligent control works locally, which means that no communication module with a data subscription is required. The lux variant has a lux sensor which switches the ZMS on/off at twilight and daylight.

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