The ZSC010 is the second variant in the Remoticom Zhaga Smart Controller product line and is ideally suited for outdoor applications. This product concerns the control and configuration of individual fixtures. The device automatically connects to the Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS to obtain date and time information in real time. If correct time information cannot be obtained via GNSS, the existing light sensor takes over the switching on and off. Configuration of switching on and off, optionally using astronomical table or dim profile based on date and time, can be realised with Bluetooth communication (App). Therefore, this device can easily replace a photocell or, based on LineSwitch, a control mechanism. The ZSC010 works with Sensor Ready (SR) drivers via a standard Zhaga Book18 Controller. The result is a long lasting, cost-effective and easy to design solution. Ideal for energy savings. An intuitive app called ZSC010 Access provides quick and easy access control and configuration of the device during and after installation.

Warnings and instructions. 

• The ZSC010 is a Sensor Ready (SR) system and can therefore be used in combination with a SR LED driver via a SR connector.

• Do not connect the unit directly to the mains.

• Do not cover the device during use or mount it under the fixture. For installation instructions, see section Mechanical Design.

• Make sure the device is not damaged during shipping and handling.

• The scope of ZSC010 is the outdoor environment such as urban local roads, bicycle or traffic free streets, squares, city centres or open parking areas. It does not protect against aggressive chemicals.

• Make sure the ZSC010 is not covered by metal to allow for expected GPS reception and Bluetooth communication.

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