The Remoticom Zhaga Smart Controller, ZSC100, is an innovative module that is connected to your public lighting based on the current Zhaga Book 18. 

The Zhaga Smart Controller is standard equipped with a GPS receiver and uses the most recent SR 2.0 specification, making it seamless to use for your smart lighting application. With the NB-IoT data connection, the current status can be monitored in real time, a dimming regime can easily be applied and a notification will be sent automatically after an error detection. 

The Zhaga Smart Controller is equipped with a tilt sensor, when an angle of inclination of 5 degrees or more occurs, the Zhaga Smart Connector will send a notification. In this way it is easy to check whether a luminaire or light pole is tilted.

The Zhaga Smart Controller can be controlled remotely via our emergency function (via the emergency app or via the web portal), so that in the event of an emergency, the connected lighting will be activated at the maximum lighting level for the set period of time.

All relevant data from the driver (including luminaire information) can be sent via a secure API connection to our database, which can also be used via the API connection for data exchange to other existing data or city management systems. 

See product specifications below for more features and uses.

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