Smart Crowd.

Smart crowd gathers real-time information about people flows and can make early estimates based on this information.

Smart Crowd

Smart crowd offers innovative solutions in the field of crowd control and the smart city.

Insight into audience behaviour.

Smart Crowd is about measuring in real time and taking action or not based on this. For example, placing sensors near a generator. If it threatens to break down prematurely, the emergency service is alerted. But also think about extreme weather conditions and being able to calculate the next edition of a festival by using previous data to create more shade and shelter. But also how many people a band or DJ attracts. The data can also be used to determine the extent to which this leads to changes in the turnover of drinks, for example.


With Remoticom’s sensor technology it is possible to measure temperature, humidity, movement, energy, vibration and sound. Remoticom focuses mainly on systems that – using the Internet of Things – make cities more sustainable, safer and more pleasant. Most people may not have an immediate picture of this. But this is the future.

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