Smart health.

Adding technology to care, creating better and more efficient care for both the caregiver and the patient. That’s what we’re working on at Remoticom.

Smart health

Healthcare is becoming smarter and smarter, and it's badly needed.

Technology that works for you.

The ageing of the population continues unabated and people are not only getting older and more independent, they are also staying at home for longer. The shortage of care personnel continues to rise and government regulations also play a major role. Fortunately, the applicability and importance of technology is increasing. However, this requires a different kind of care.


Remoticom develops, designs and realizes innovative solutions for the challenges of today and the future for the healthcare sector. Our hands-on mentality and practical applicability, combined with our customised approach, enable us to quickly and efficiently come up with an innovative total solution, in-house, for your specific problem.

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