Remoticom is a leader in the field of Internet of Things and sensor technology. In particular, we develop smart sensors that contribute to a safer, more sustainable and more comfortable living environment. 

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Smart lighting revolution.

You can come to us for the development and production of your intelligent lighting solutions. Together with our experienced team, we therefore apply our expertise to the realisation of intelligent lighting and communication applications. We can transform a question or an idea into a tangible solution with a short lead time. 

We use the latest innovative techniques and serve national and international customers, who work with our engineers to develop the most distinctive and innovative products. Together with you, our driven and passionate employees will go for the ultimate technological solution that prepares you for the future.


More and more attention is being paid to sustainability and the impact we have on the environment. Remoticom also wants to keep up with this by increasing its focus on energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions.


For instance, we offer sensors that work using a simple app. This allows you to manage your luminaire's settings such as switching on and off , astronomical table or dimming profile based on date and time.

So you can turn on luminaires only when needed. In summer, it stays light longer. It is therefore logical that street lighting during this period starts on later than during winter. You can also adjust the light intensity with a dimming profile using the astronomical table.

Remoticom's ZSC010 works with our user-friendly Bluetooth app that enables all this. The result is a durable, cost-effective and easy-to-configure solution.

ZMS200 & ZLC200.

We also offer the ZMS200 sensor, a motion sensor based on PIR technology.

The ZMS200 allows building a Bluetooth mesh network with other devices from the ZMS and ZLC family, so that when the ZMS200 detects movement, the other devices follow. So you can apply a follow-me principle. An example of this is a bicycle path where the light will follow the cyclist as a "light train" or "light bubble".

Remoticom's ZLC200 is similar to the ZMS200, the only difference being that this sensor is not based on PIR technology. The ZLC200 works on the basis of three use cases:

1. The luminaires turn on by motion detection combined with Remoticom's ZMS.
E.g. A ZMS200 is installed with a detection sensor (PIR), which detects movement and transmits it to the ZLC200 sensors. When the ZMS200 detects a movement, it sends a signal to the successive ZLC200 sensors, which automatically switch on the light for the whole path.

2. The luminaires are switched on by means of a push button.
E.g. A push button is placed next to the exit of a building. When someone leaves the building and needs the light outside, they can press the button and the light comes on. Some time after the person has left, the light goes off again, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

3. The luminaires are switched on by means of a magnetic contact.
E.g. A magnetic button is placed in the exit door of a building. When someone leaves the building and opens the door, the magnetic button emits a signal, turning on the light. Some time after the person has left, the light goes off, preventing unnecessary energy consumption.

Thus, we illuminate your path only when necessary and provide an energy-saving solution. All this contributes to a safer and sustainable planet.



Remoticom is not only a developer but also a manufacturer of lighting solutions. We develop based on customer requirements and product specifications, resulting in efficient and progressive solutions.


Thanks to our years of experience, Remoticom is increasingly involved in development projects within the smart lighting domain of customers. As a consultant, we are asked by other market players to convert our acquired knowledge into concrete smart lighting solutions to realise (social) objectives.


Do you want a customised intelligent or smart lighting solution but lack your own capabilities and/or knowledge? With Remoticom, you can turn your requirements into reality and use Proof of Concept to determine whether the product meets your dreams.


You already have a concept, but no production facility for the assembly of the PCB and the production of plastic enclosures. Remoticom can fill this capacity need for you, including the manufacturing of the injection mold to be used.


Do you want Remoticom to join your (internal) project group? We would like to invite you for a (digital) introduction to a solution-oriented demonstration to get you excited about our services.