Remoticom is a leader in the field of Internet of Things and sensor technology. In particular, we develop smart sensors that contribute to a safer, more sustainable and more comfortable living environment. 

Curious what we can do for your company? Please feel free to contact us. 

We can help you with the development and production of your Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Together with our experienced team, we use our expertise for the realization of intelligent sensors and communication applications. We can turn a question or an idea, with a short lead time, into a tangible IoT solution. 

We use the latest innovative techniques and serve national and international customers, who work with our engineers to develop the most distinctive and innovative products. Together with you, our driven and passionate employees will go for the ultimate technological solution that prepares you for the future.



Remoticom is both a developer and a manufacturer of IoT solutions. We develop on the basis of customer issues and product specifications, which results in efficient and progressive solutions.


Through our years of experience, Remoticom is increasingly involved in development projects within the IoT domain of customers. As a consultant, we are asked by other market parties to convert our acquired knowledge into concrete IoT solutions in order to achieve (social) goals.


Do you want a custom IoT solution, but do not have your own capabilities and/or knowledge? Remoticom can help you to transform your wishes into a Proof of Concept to determine whether the product meets your dreams.


You already have a concept, but no production facility for the assembly of the PCB and the production of plastic enclosures. Remoticom can fill this capacity need for you, including the manufacturing of the injection mold to be used.


We are very progressive in the following sectors by developing innovative products for (international) customers in response to specific, future-proof issues. In doing so, we contribute to our mission of making people’s living and working environment safer, more efficient and more sustainable. 

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