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Firmware engineer.

The FW-engineer designs and develops the firmware for (new) products. At the beginning of the development process, the FW-engineer designs and realises the firmware for the 'Proof of Concept' (POC), which proves that Remoticom can meet customer demand. Customers can in any case be an external or internal customer. The POC also helps the FW-engineer to gain insight into the necessary techniques for the end product. A FW-engineer has the freedom and responsibility to design the firmware and use techniques at his own discretion, within the standards of Remoticom, so that the product meets the customer and product requirements included in the FRS document. 

The FW engineer is accountable to the R&D manager. 


 Timely delivery of firmware. 

 Firmware test ready and described to the test engineer. 

• Firmware meets the requirements of the customer and Remoticom.

 Revision version control through GIT. 

 Code is provided with clear comments (transferable). 

 Write unit tests. 


   Choice of techniques to be used in the firmware within the Remoticom standard.


 Designing and realising POC. 

  Provide support in the drafting of the URS and FRS. 

 Design firmware based on URS and FRS. 

 Support fellow FW- and HW-engineers. 

 Supporting test engineers. 

 Working in project group with HW- and SW-engineers.  

 Improve and automate design processes.

 Investigate and/or solve firmware problems in RMA product. 

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