The Remoticom ZSC100 is an innovative module that connects to public lighting based on the Zhaga Book 18. The ZSC100 is standard equipped with GPS and uses the Dali 2.0 specification. With the secure NB-IoT data connection the actual status can be monitored in real time, a dimming regime can easily be applied and a message will automatically be sent after error detection.

The NB-IoT connection can also be used for data exchange with other existing data or management management systems. This can also be done using an open API*. The ZSC100 can be remotely controlled through our web portal and app, so in case of emergencies, the connected lighting is controlled at the maximum lighting level for a set duration and specified radius around the chosen location.

The built-in tilt detection can be used to monitor the tilt of the mast. An error message will be issued if the angle exceeds 5 degrees. The ZSC100 creates its own zero point at initial start-up. This happens after 48 hours of burning.

*Using an API, Remoticom creates a universally applicable connected solution.


 Sustainable, energy- and cost-saving solution.

 Plug and Play system.

 D4i protocol for driver data readout.

 CE certified.

 OTA. (Over the Air Programmable)

 Compact dimensions.

 Works with a Sensor Ready Driver.

 NB-IoT communication.


 Unique skew detection. (Tilt)

 Emergency function. (Emergency mode & app)

 Open API can be linked to other data management systems.

 Standard delivered with 10 years connectivity.